About ServerPulse

ServerPulse is the automated service that keeps watch over all your servers, wherever they are and wherever you are. Servers run a small monitoring background program that checks in with our webservice once every minute and if it fails to do so twice, you are immediately notified by text message and email. ServerPulse also monitors important disk space, available memory and processor load and will warn you if these parameters exceed configurable limits.

About us, Servolutions

Founded in December 2000 as Christensen Software, we have been developing and distributing server-based software solutions for more than 12 years. Our Software products POPcon, ChangeSender and MultiSendcon have sold more than 50.000 times in 127 countries around the world.

Our focus is on extreme reliabilty, ease of use and the features you really need in our products. We take pride in providing timely and friendly support.

In December 2009 we rebranded as Servolutions, but continue with the same proven team and with the same commitment to quality.


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